Group photo of Peterborough Rugby Club members on Try Rugby day.

Have you always wanted to play rugby, looking to return to playing or just newly discovered this sport?

Mixed Ability Rugby engages everyone, no matter their age, ability or experience level.  It is an approach where the barriers to participation are removed and a supportive and welcoming environment is created.  It follows all the traditional rules of the game with only minor variations to support mass participation.  It can be played with any number of players up to 15 a side.  Players are not classified by physical, intellectual, or mental disabilities or barriers.  It is a team open to ANYONE who wants to play regular full contact rugby or non contact flag rugby.  Mixed Ability Rugby places greater emphasis on rugby’s core values (spirit of rugby) and the inclusion of all participants. 

You can register for Mixed Ability as a contact player or a non-contact player with the option to upgrade to contact if you decide to participate in contact games.  

Practices are on Sundays from 1:00pm – 3:00pm with a social afterward at the Clubhouse for those interested.  Games will be organized with other participating clubs (Oshawa Vikings, Muddy York).  There is an annual All in Cup tournament we will participate in.

For information please contact