Junior Pagans Programs

Made of of U14-U18 age grade and gendered programming, the Junior Pagans programs are the largest programs in the Peterborough Pagans Rugby Club. 

Please refer to the Rugby Ontario Age Grade Matrix for information regarding which age grade program you, or your child will be participating in based on their birth year. 

Peterborough Pagans see value in a seamless transition from our junior, to senior level programs and are committed to supporting U18 players through the Rugby Ontario playing up process if it is safe to do so. Playing up is also an option between junior programs, if the player is safe to do so. If you are a junior player, or a caregiver of a junior player, who is looking for information on pathways for playing up with a higher age grade team, please reach our to your respective junior coach, junior coordinator and our Director of Rugby at dor@peterboroughrugby.com for support through this process. For more information on the Rugby Ontario playing up process,  or the rules and regulations for playing up, click here

Playing Equipment:

  • Mouthguard – mandatory for training and games
  • Cleats – rugby or soccer
  • Club Shorts 
  • Club Socks

*Game day jersey provided by Club*

No glasses / eyewear or jewellery are allowed at training sessions or games as they can potentially cause injury.

Please see below for additional information regarding our Junior Pagans programs. For any additional questions, or information regarding our junior programs, please reach out by email to either jrgirlscoordinator@peterboroughrugby.com, or jrboyscoordinator@peterboroughrugby.com.